«Accessory for her daughter»: Meghan Markle retained a special thing to give to her daughter

The prince’s wife wants to give this special accessory to his daughter someday.

The precious British crown belongs to Meghan Markle after her marriage to Prince Harry. Many pieces of jewelry are available for her.

The expensive gifts that Harry made her left to herself.

There are times when we see Markle in jewelry belonging to Diana. For Meghan, the most precious and important decoration was bought herself before marriage.

She wants to ever give this accessory to her daughter Lilibet. This is the Cartier watch, which Meghan bought 10 years ago.

«For me, to have a watch from Cartier was a dream. This is a symbol of my career success», said the Duchess.

«I plan to someday give it to my daughter. I have emotionally attached to the clock and I want to give it to my daughter», added Markle.

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