«About 600 tattoos all over her body»: a girl once decided to hide all the tattoos and she became so scared

There was no trace of the sweet teenager she had recently been.😳😳

There are people in the world who are special from birth. But sometimes it happens that some want to change something in their body in order to be different from others.

One of these girls is Amber, 24, who lives in Australia. When she was a teenager she decided that she would be special. And then the girl decided to cover her entire body with tattoos.

And besides these tattoos, she decided to do piercings. Even the whites of her eyes turned blue.  One day she gets a tattoo on her eye and for a while, she couldn’t see anything.

Recently, she wanted to look like she used to be and decided to hide her tattoos with foundation.

She decided to share these photos on her social networks.  And she also said that she did not like being without tattoos and she was sorry that she could not change everything even earlier.

She tells that to reach her goal she went through great pain and says that every person should be himself/herself and should not listen to other people. What do you think about this?

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