A true miracle. A puppy in a bad condition was able to recover

The love and respect of his owners and other people helped the puppy recover

Joey Maxwell and his wife first saw a puppy named Maverick as he was skin and bones. They considered giving the puppy a second chance and adopted him. They have lived together for six years.

And a few years ago the sweet puppy was diagnosed with lymphoma and his owner did all the necessary treatment his beloved four-legged friend needed. He successfully finished the first round of chemotherapy. But unfortunately, two months later the same disease returned and he wasn’t able to move.

And the dog’s owner considered riding the puppy in a wagon to make his last days as happy as he could.

The owner told, that when they are out the puppy howls at everyone until they pet him, as he considers everyone should love him.

And he was right. Maxwell and his beloved puppy got a lot of support and love. For example, he was given a 50% discount for a wagon after learning his story. Now the puppy became popular in their town, as people recognize him and approach him to show their love.

Maverick enjoys his rides and maybe it was the reason, that made him feel strong day by day.

Maverick feels everyone’s love and becomes stronger every day.

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