Waking up, the guy found a cute, lonely kitten lying on him and took it to him

The fluffy animal settled on his stomach at the guy and shared his sleep with him.

Recently, the user Reddit A_H_S shared a story that changed his life. In fact, the guy’s name is Ali Safa, and he lives in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Once Ali went out onto the porch to breathe fresh air and fell asleep.

He woke up not alone but in the company of a small white kitten. The fluffy creature quietly settled on his stomach.

The guy was surprised at such a guest but did not drive him away. He said that the kitten woke up and the first thing he persistently asked for was food. Then the young man washed the dirt and even tried to wash the pattern on the wool, taking it by the dirt.

Ali was glad of a new pet and thought that fate brought them down for a reason.

As the responsible owner, he took the baby to the veterinarian (it turned out to be a girl), where she was examined and made all the necessary vaccinations. The cat was absolutely healthy and immediately went to a new house.

On the way, Ali drove into a supermarket to stock up on cat food and other accessories for the happy life of his fluffy friend.

This brave kitty on her own example has proved that the animal can independently choose a person and find a house.

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